The mandate of Rocky Senior Housing Council o/a Westview Lodge is to provide affordable room and board for senior citizens who are functionally independent with the assistance available through existing community-based services and who would not otherwise be more appropriately provided for in a health care facility.

The purpose of Rocky Senior Housing Council, self-contained projects (Acton House, Columbus Place, Day Manor, McLeod Manor and Mountain Sunset Manor) is to promote, develop, provide and manage affordable housing which encourages a high quality of life for senior citizens who are functionally independent.


  • Create, through a supportive housing environment, housing opportunities for seniors
  • Ensure that seniors who are not fully independent receive the necessary supports and best quality of life possible for their individual situation
  • Be the provider of supportive housing with efficiency and effectiveness



Prior to April 1, 1995, Rocky Senior Housing Council (RSHC) operated under the name �Rocky Mountain Foundation� (The Foundation). The Foundation was established in 1960 to supply subsidized housing to independent, healthy senior citizens. Today RSHC manages one lodge and five self-contained projects for senior citizens in the surrounding area. Each project provides an active, healthy and positive environment for residents and tenants.

In 1994, the new Alberta Housing Act came into effect. This Act provided for the transition of housing authorities and other management agencies to management bodies. Management bodies are agencies designated by the provincial government to manage independent living housing governed by the Alberta Housing Act.

The Foundation submitted a request to be incorporated as a management body and that incorporation occurred by provincial ministerial order on April 1, 1995. Rocky Senior Housing Council was the amalgamation of The Foundation, The Knights of Columbus (Columbus Place), Leslieville Elks (McLeod Manor) and Caroline Elks (Mountain Sunset Manor).

Lodge project services include:

  • healthy, nutritious meals and snacks
  • regular housekeeping service to individual rooms
  • laundry services
  • a variety of social and recreational activities on a daily basis
  • 24 hour non-medical staffing
  • administration, kitchen, housekeeping and maintenance staff
  • safe, secure rooms and building

Supportive Living project services include:

  • safe, secure rooms and buildings
  • recreational facilities
  • laundry facilities


Tina Hutchinson
Town of Rocky Mountain House
Phyllis McNutt
Member at large for Town of Rocky Mountain House
Bryan Cermak
Clearwater County
Michelle Swanson
Clearwater County
Sheri-Lynn Black
Member at large for Clearwater County
Reg Dean
Village of Caroline


Vanessa Kidd
Chief Administrative Officer
Sheila Zubeck
Mr. Cary Madsen
Maintenance Manager
Vanessa Kidd
Building Manager
Acton House/Day Manor/McLeod Manor/Columbus Place
Vanessa Kidd
Building Manager – Mountain Sunset Manor

Rocky Senior Housing Council (RSHC) was established as a "management body" by ministerial order under the Alberta Housing Act on April 1, 1995

RSHCs portfolio is made up of two program types: Independent Living and Lodge Accommodations.

  • Independent Living 72
  • Lodge Accommodation 88

RSHC serves a cross-section of low-income seniors by providing them with affordable housing. Tenants are selected according to the Priority Rating Criteria and the Social Housing Accommodation Regulations.